Pack Shot Photography

Pack shot photography, pack shot photography

Pack Shots Photography

E-commerce, catalogues, bill-boards. There is an increased demand for packshots in all sectors of marketing and sales. Product photography broke into the market for good and continues to conquer new areas. 

The question could be widened in its range and reformed as “what is product photography?”. Certainly, in the past two decades, digital photography has developed several separate genres, from landscape panoramas to product photography. It is within the last genre that packshot photography gained a solid position, a precisely defined sub-branch. 

Packshot photography is a great tool to boost eCommerce and Web design. The aim is for the image to show off the product as the consumer might encounter it at the store or online.  Because packshot photos feature the packaging and labelling, consumers will already be familiar with the product when they see it for sale.  This creates a sense of familiarity with the product before anybody has even purchased it, as well as accurately representing the product to reduce complaints.



Pack shot photography of black and red spectacles
Packshot sculpture of lady
Pack shot photography of Pronto pocket knife
Pack shot photography of Nivea bottle
Pack shot photography of Gliss white shampoo
Packshot of toki doki toys

The main goal of packshots is to accurately present a product, which will be sold subsequently with the help of different marketing channels: mainly hard-copy or online advertisements. A packshot needs to show the product in the exact form that a customer will receive in the parcel and quite often in a container, if the product consists of multiple elements.

In contrast, lifestyle photography tells a story about a product. The product is usually depicted in its natural environment, while the photographer’s main goal is to attract your attention and create positive emotions around the product. 

A proper packshot should not make the product look better than it is. A well-done packshot is supposed to include an accurate presentation of the qualities of the item. Ideally, a packshot would also be attractive and encourage customers to make purchase decisions.